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Alternative trigger
Two-channeled alternative triggering for simultaneous observation of two nonsynchronized signals.

Edge trigger
Edge triggering is performed when the signal level of synchronization source passes through the specified voltage level in the prescribed direction.

Edge-triggered synchronization
An edge trigger occurs when the input signal crosses the specified voltage level in the chosen direction. Depending on the functionality of oscilloscope capabilities the trigger can occur on rising, falling or rising & falling edge.

External trigger signal
External synchronization signal is a synchronizing pulse which is external relatively to the measuring device (oscilloscope, generator, logic analyzer etc.) and it usually synchronizes with the system under test.

Glitch trigger
A special case of pulse width trigger is glitch trigger. In general glitch is a short pulse disturbance of uncontrolled parameters. Glitch synchronization is pulse trigger of the width which is less than the sampling period.

The trigger is made when a signal passed to the logic inputs causes the change of the specified function state for “true” or “false”.

Logic state synchronization
The trigger is made in case all the signals being passed to the logic inputs of the logical function chosen cause the change of this function state for “true” or “false” when the clock input state is changed or stable (level timing).

Ordinary trigger mode is a mode when a signal record happens only after the trigger event detection. Prior to the data recording the oscilloscope stays in the trigger event waiting mode.

Pause trigger
The trigger is made if during the specified period there has been no cross of the input signal with the specified voltage level in the specified direction. Pause report starts when the input signal crosses the specified voltage level in the specified direction.

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