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Buy a piece of the past! 100 year old Antique Volt Meter!
05/25/2023 | 16
In our Online store we have a unique offer for you! Besides a wide range of state-of-art measuring equipment we would like to offer a unique and magnificent device Ц Antique Volt Meter. This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of this device. But in spite of such an old age itТs still capable of striking you not only with its functionality and compactness but also with the precision of its measurements.

High performance working area with Aktakom ASE-4502 rework station
05/18/2023 | 29
Aktakom range of soldering equipment has been much broadened recently. And one of the new and unusual models is ASE-4502 rework station. Due to its design ASE-4502 occupies a minimal working space organizing a high performance work area.

AKTAKOM ACE-1748 8-channel USB / LAN input-output module
05/11/2023 | 40
AKTAKOM ACE-1748 8-channel USB / LAN input-output module is designed to remotely monitor the status of sensors (the sensors that have УonФ or УoffФ output statuses) and to control discrete input devices that can be terminated with the monostable relay.

Aktakom AM-1061. Digital multimeter for daily work
04/26/2023 | 68
Aktakom AM-1061 digital multimeter provides multifunctional measurements, has a shockproof housing and remarkable for its durability. All these features make this model be a perfect multimeter for your daily work.

AKTAKOM ATK-2103 clamp meter and multimeter
04/12/2023 | 132
You no longer need to buy these two separate devices if you need them both for work. AKTAKOM ATK-2103 is a clamp meter but at the same time it can be used as a multimeter! ATK-2103 is capable of measuring up to 8 electric quantities, continuity testing.

AKTAKOM ASE-1112 Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
03/29/2023 | 125
As you know one of the most important requirements for the operation with small and valuable electronic components is reliable protection from electrostatic discharge. Our Catalogue has a soldering station model that meets this requirement...

AKTAKOM APS-7306 power supply
03/13/2023 | 184
Our Online store has a wide range of power supplies. AKTAKOM APS-7306 is a DC programmable power supply which is designed to power radio technical equipment with stabilized voltage and current in repair process, laboratory research.

Soldering station for amateurs and professionals
03/10/2023 | 152
The range of AKTAKOM soldering stations is very wide and variable. You may always choose the right model for your purposes. We would like to draw your attention to AKTAKOM ASE-1116 soldering station which is used in traditional types of soldering as well as for lead-free.

Special offer for OWON high-performance oscilloscope
03/07/2023 | 142
Right now you have a good opportunity to buy one of OWON handheld oscilloscopes with a good discount!

Compact soldering station perfect for teaching and production
02/03/2023 | 203
AKTAKOM ASE-1111 soldering station is used for electronic component mounting on PCB surface. This compact model is perfect for the use in such fields like electronic research, teaching and production, especially in the repairing and soldering on the electronic appliances and communication equipment.

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Rigol Oscilloscope 200MHz Best Seller! RIGOL DS2202A digital oscilloscope is a Best-In-Class instrument from Rigol offering an unmatched feature/value package. RIGOL DS2202A is a fast and versatile scope covering frequencies up to 200 MHz with two channels and a wide vertical range (500µV/div-10V/div) to deliver an extremely low noise floor to help you capture smaller signals. Add a 2 GSa/s max. sample rate and 14 Mpts. of standard memory depth to its user-friendly interface and 8 inch WVGA display and you've got a scope that outperforms the competition in a wide range of bench-top and field applications.

$50 OFF on our Best Selling Power Supply
APS-7306 DC Programmable Power Supply 30V/5A
Was $176.00 now $126.00

High Quality Multimeter and Clamp Meter Lowest Price Ever ATK-2103 clamp meter is capable of measuring up to 8 electric quantities, continuity testing. Big diameter of clamp meter jaws allows you to measure current in flat wires 2.4 in / 60 mm wide as well as round wires with 2 in / 50 mm diameter.

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New exhibitions added to УEventsФ section
05/12/2023 | 26
Our УEventsФ section has got some new international exhibitions that will be held this summer.

Our services for your convenience
04/14/2023 | 73
There have been many useful services implemented on our web site that can always help to make your search quick and easy. Find more details about them in this piece of news.

Our D.E.V.I.C.E Encyclopedia has been updated
12/26/2022 | 228
At the moment several sections of our Design Engineer Valued Creative Encyclopedia have been updated and now include new interesting terms.

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Industry News

Keysight Secures First 5G RedCap Test Case Validations
05/25/2023 | 49
Keysight Technologies, Inc. gained approval for the industry's first 5G New Radio (NR) reduced capability (RedCap) conformance test cases for use with Keysight's 5G network emulation conformance test platform (TP168). The RedCap test case validations were secured at the recent Conformance Agreement Group (CAG) #74 meeting of the Global Certification Forum (GCF).

Rohde & Schwarz to host RF Design Challenge at IMS2023
05/24/2023 | 52
At IMS2023 (San Diego, CA, from June 13-15, 2023), Rohde & Schwarz is set to exhibit a range of live demos that showcase the cutting-edge developments within the industry. IMS attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in the interactive "Are you a genius?" RF Design challenge, putting their knowledge to the test at the Rohde & Schwarz booth.

Keysight Obtains FiRa Validation for an Automated Ultra-Wideband PHY Conformance Test Tool
05/23/2023 | 42
Keysight Technologies, Inc. has obtained a FiRaЩ Consortium validation for its automated ultra-wideband (UWB) PHY Conformance Test Tool, enabling device makers and chip designers to quickly test the physical layer (PHY) conformance of their FiRa UWB-based products.

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