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New on the site - Capacitive Reactance Calculator
04/23/2024 | 717

The list of useful services for specialists on our website has the latest addition, a new engineering calculator. The Capacitive Reactance Calculator, is an easy-to-use tool used for calculating the capacitive reactance. The resulting calculations can be saved or shared.

Useful tool ASE-6011 PCB holder
04/22/2024 | 443

Aktakom ASE-6011 PCB holder is used to hold smartphones and PCBs for repair. PCBs can be easily fixed. The holder angle is adjustable per the different sizes of the board.

Temperature controlled station for lead free desoldering – AKTAKOM ASE-2105
04/18/2024 | 904
AKTAKOM ASE-2105 is designed for lead free desoldering. The quick heating and strong power are the best terms for clear soldering / desoldering of all DIP components types. This model is used in the field of electronic research, teaching and production, especially in the repairing and desoldering on the electronic appliances and communication equipment.

New Video Release: DIY LED Repair Part 5 - How to rebuild an LED Light Fixture and select upgraded driver
04/16/2024 | 554
In this video we are showing you how to rebuild a LED light fixture, how to calculate voltage and draw a diargam. We are using Aktakom power supplies and multimeters for this project. Watch on

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New on the site - Low Pass Filter Calculator
04/11/2024 | 288
Low pass filter calculator is an easy-to-use tool to quickly determine the cutoff frequency of a low pass passive filter. A low pass filter removes higher-frequency components from a given AC signal. This calculator allows you to choose filter circuit: RC filter or RL filter.

AKTAKOM ASE-1112 Temperature Controlled Soldering Station
04/08/2024 | 713
As you know one of the most important requirements for the operation with small and valuable electronic components is reliable protection from electrostatic discharge. Our Catalogue has a soldering station model that meets this requirement...

New on the site - Inductive Reactance Calculator
04/04/2024 | 1121

The list of useful services for specialists on our website has the latest addition, a new engineering calculator. The Inductive Reactance Calculator, is an easy-to-use tool used for calculating inductive reactance. The resulting calculations can be saved or shared.

High performance power supply APS-7205 for laboratory research
03/28/2024 | 2000
AKTAKOM APS-7205 is a high-performance 3-channel DC remote-controlled programmable power supply that is designed to power radio devices with stabilized voltage or current and it is indispensable when testing the reaction of electronic equipment to the supply voltage changes.

New Video Release: DIY LED Repair Part 4 - Complex Chandlier Troubleshooting
03/25/2024 | 1865
In this video we are showing you how to repair a complex LED chandelier. Watch on . Remember to Like and Subscribe!

Low cost AKTAKOM APS-1015 power supply
03/21/2024 | 1024
AKTAKOM APS-1015 is foremost designed for educational purposes, it is perfect for laboratory works and very simple in use. AKTAKOM APS-1015 model is a low power switching DC power supply with 15 fixed output voltages, over current protection is included as well.

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3723A Electronic Load 200V/30A/350W Is On Sale Save $100 now Array 3723A Electronic Load is now on Sale Save $100
Was $499.00 now $399.00 Sale ends June 30 2024

EUCOL U2815 LCR Meter 20Hz-1MHz on sale U2815 LCR Meter is a new generation of impedance test equipment with high accuracy, wide measurement range and six digits resolution. On Sale was 3,499 now 3,399 Sale expaires April 30.

AWG-4110 Waveform Generator is on Sale now Save $55 today AKTAKOM AWG-4110 function/arbitrary waveform generator is designed using DDS technology, which provides high resolution and precision. AWG-4110 function/arbitrary waveform generator (analog of SDG1010) provides a multifunction solution for a wide range of applications.
On Sale Now old price $355 New Price $299 Offer expires March 31.

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Exhibitions and conferences awaited in the nearest future
03/07/2024 | 833
If you are thinking of attending some exhibitions or trade shows we have updated our special Events section that will help you to choose the most preferable event.

Do you know who won the Nobel Prize in Physics 1956?
02/05/2024 | 1268
In 1956 three scientists were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for "their researches on semiconductors and their discovery of the transistor effect". Check our Persona section for more details...

Several days left till DesignCon 2024! Check other exhibitions in our Events section!
01/24/2024 | 1435
Created by engineers for engineers, DesignCon brings together 5,000 professionals from the high-speed communications and semiconductor communities for three jam-packed days of education and activities. This year DesignConn will be held on Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, 2024 in Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA.

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Webinar “The benefits of GaN for solar inverters”
04/24/2024 | 34
TI will hold webinar “The benefits of GaN for solar inverters” on April 30, 2024. With an increase in demand for hybrid solar inverters, which combine PV panel power point tracking with an inverter stage and bidirectional capabilities to include a battery stage, the need for higher power density and efficiency has risen accordingly. TI GaN can bring multiple benefits to this design by increasing the overall power density and efficiency while reducing the size of the heatsink and overall design.

Rohde & Schwarz at Hannover Messe 2024
04/22/2024 | 84
Rohde & Schwarz invites to participate in Hannover Messe trade fair that will be held on April 22-26, 2024.

Demo: PNA-X Spurious Test by Dr. Joel Dunsmore
04/19/2024 | 218
Webinar will be held by Keysight on April 23, 2024. Dr. Joel Dunsmore will guide you through a 20-minute demo showcasing optimized spurious testing using the enhanced PNA/PNA-X DDS source.

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