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New software AKTAKOM COM-Terminal is now available for download
09/21/2023 | 30
The Aktakom Com-Terminal program uses COM port to facilitate two-way data exchange with external devices. Aktakom Com-Terminal uses two data formats - text (TXT) and hexadecimal (HEX).

New Software Aktakom for Power Supplies
09/18/2023 | 424
Aktakom Power Manager Express software allows users to remotely control their power supply APS-7306 via PC. It features Measure, Set Up and Initialization functions, as well as, automatic switching off of the outputs of the device at the end of the program. The program follows basic configurations and some features of operation as the device control panel.

Subscription Services to our News and Deals are now available
09/17/2023 | 642
T&M Atlantic is now offering subscription services to our most popular sections of the website. You can choose to subscribe to:
Company News, Industry News and Events, T&M Atlantic Deals-Special Offers. You can subscribe to any of this categories but we recommend to choose them all.

Series LED resistor calculator is now available in D.E.V.I.C.E.
08/28/2023 | 417
This tool allows you to determine which resistor you should use when you have a single LED or a number of the same color of LEDs in series. It displays resistor value, recommended resistor wattage as well as resistor color coding.

Super compact soldering station for amateurs and professionals
08/23/2023 | 490
Aktakom ASE-1128 soldering station is a perfect addition to our soldering station range. Due to its compactness it occupies a very small working area making your work easy and convenient. In spite of its small size its power (8W) and wide temperature range (100∞C - 450∞C) allow ASE-1128 to make all types of work which can be made by any other more massive models.

Lowest price Soldering station is now in stock
08/21/2023 | 585
AKTAKOM ASE-1128 soldering station is used for soldering of micro components that require low power.

AKTAKOM ASE-4313 multifunctional soldering rework station Ц good solution for any repair and soldering task
08/18/2023 | 317
AKTAKOM ASE-4313 multifunctional soldering rework station is designed for a wide range of repair works and it represents 3 devices in one. Powerful embedded vacuum pump has throughput capability of up to 150 l/min and the commutatorless motor provides a low noise level.

ASE-4313 is now in stock
08/17/2023 | 58
AKTAKOM ASE-4313 Temperature Controlled Soldering and SMD Rework Station is now available on T&M Atlantic web site please visit this items page to read more abut this multifunctional and versatile soldering station.

High performance power supply for laboratory research
08/07/2023 | 639
AKTAKOM APS-7205 is a high performance 3-channel DC remote controlled programmable power supply which is designed to power radio devices with stabilized voltage or current and it is indispensable when testing the reaction of electronic equipment to the supply voltage changes.

Resistor Color Code Calculator is now available in D.E.V.I.C.E.
07/25/2023 | 680
A helpful tool for reading resistor color code values for a 4 and 5 band resistor. This tool allows you to determine resistance by resistor color coding and to determine resistor color coding by resistance. It displays Rated resistance, Resistor tolerance, Resistor length and Resistor power all in one easy to read chart.

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$10 OFF ASE-1107 AKTAKOM ASE-1107 ESD-safe Temperature Controlled Soldering Station is especially suitable for mounting and reworking SMD components by hand, soldering common and directly-inserted electronics or lead-free soldering under other special conditions.
On Sale $10 OFF, Sale Ends Dec 31

Labor Day Special AKTAKOM ASE-4509 SMD Rework station is used in the field of electronic research, teaching and production, especially in the repairing and reworking on the electronic appliances and communication equipment.
Now on Sale $49.00 $39.00 Sale ends Sept 30 2023

Special soldering station for soldering of micro components AKTAKOM ASE-1128 soldering station (analog of ZD-928) is used for soldering of micro components that require low power. Max. station power: 8W. Temperature range: 100∞C - 450∞C.
Now in stock Retail price: $11.00 This Special Offer Ends October 31st 2023

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New Home Page Layout
07/13/2023 | 81

Our Home Page is now more streamlined with main bar having more consolidated menu with more dropdown options

This will allow users to see more options and services available to them under each menu subject

Please check out the new design features and contact us with any comments

New exhibitions added to УEventsФ section
05/12/2023 | 139
Our УEventsФ section has got some new international exhibitions that will be held this summer.

Our services for your convenience
04/14/2023 | 196
There have been many useful services implemented on our web site that can always help to make your search quick and easy. Find more details about them in this piece of news.

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NI Announces its Most Compact and High-Density Battery Cycler & Emulator for EV, Aerospace, and Energy Test
09/22/2023 | 20
NI, formerly known as National Instruments, announced the newest product in its portfolio of high-power test systems for battery testing and simulation, the NHR 4800 high-density battery cycler and emulator. Designed for modularity, versatility, and safety, the NHR 4800 delivers best-in-class power in a highly compact form factor to address the needs of battery testing across research, validation, production, and second-life applications in automotive, aerospace, and energy industries.

Keysight Launches Next-Generation Vector Signal Generator for Dense Wideband Multichannel Applications
09/19/2023 | 34
Keysight Technologies, Inc. introduces a new compact, four-channel vector signal generator (VSG) capable of signal generation up to 8.5 GHz with 960 MHz of modulation bandwidth per channel. The N5186A MXG is the next-generation high-performance VSG in Keysight's X-Series signal generator portfolio, offering the multiple, individually complex signals needed for dense wideband multichannel applications.

Rohde & Schwarz showcases its latest mmWave test solutions at the European Microwave Week in Berlin
08/31/2023 | 73
Rohde & Schwarz is a globally active, leading T&M specialist with headquarters in Germany and will exhibit at this yearТs European Microwave Week 2023 in Berlin from September 19 to 21 under the motto УFrom Gigahertz to Terahertz.Ф Visitors can learn about the companyТs latest test applications for microwave components, automotive, and aerospace and defense at booth H105 in Messe Berlin Hub27.

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