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An electric current that changes direction rapidly. The current available from regular wall outlets is alternating current.

Amplitude-frequency characteristics (AFC)
Dependence of the amplitude of the signal at the output of the device on the frequency of the input sinusoidal signal of constant amplitude when this device operates in stationary mode.

A metal strip that is actually composed of two different kinds of metals. A bimetallic strip bends or straightens depending on its temperature, and is the central component of a thermal switch.

Ratio of the bit errors number to the bits total number of the measured signal in the specified time interval.

An essential feature of any conductor system, its ability to store an electrical charge and create an electric field.

Capacitor is an electric device used to store charge in circuits. There are many different forms of capacitors are available depending on the type of internal dielectric and the structure of the plates.

Circuit breaker
A device that opens an electric circuit when the current in the circuit exceeds a certain value. Circuit breakers protect devices in electric circuits and prevent fires.

Clamp meter
A sort of measuring instrument equipped with a measuring sensor to measure current.

An electric circuit that has no gaps in it and makes a continuous path, allowing current to flow through the circuit.

The process of positive or negative charges moving from one place to another. It is a reciprocal value of electrical resistance.

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