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Trigger source generates a signal for the registration.

In most of cases triggering is used being synchronized with the registered and displayed signal. Triggering can be made with the following sources:

  • CH1 - Input channels. Depending on the oscilloscope model you can choose one of two (CH1, CH2) or of four channels (CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4). The channel chosen as the synchronization source will function regardless of its signal display.
  • EXT - External synchronization input (EXT TRIG, AUX IN). As a rule acceptable signal level used for the external synchronization input is limited.
  • EXT/5 - External synchronization input (EXT TRIG, AUX IN) with internal attenuator 5 times reducing the input signal (Attenuation).
  • AC Line - AC network is often used for signal tracing connected with the frequency in power lines. Oscilloscope generates triggering from the power line. External synchronization input use is unnecessary.

The picture below shows a signal oscillogram. Channel 2 is synchronization source, the condition is the signal falling edge on this channel:

Channel 2 is synchronization source

The next picture shows a signal oscillogram. Channel 1 is the triggering source:

Channel 1 is triggering source

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