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AKTAKOM Universal Lab format ".aul"
For data files of AKTAKOM software they use AKTAKOM Universal Lab container format (".aul" extension). This format allows different applications to exchange data.

Application software
An Instrument-PC-Human hierarchy application software that takes the top level of software and is used to complete user tasks.
The software directly cooperates with a human but for equipment access a system driver should be used.
Application examples: text editor, picture viewers, measurement map programs and PC control programs.

Communication between the remote device and AKTAKOM remote control software is based on the AULNet technology. TCP/IP socket subset, familiar to UNIX and Windows users, forms network communication endpoints.

Binary format files ".bin"
In an ordinary case device software (built-in or external) saves data the way they are represented inside of the program. File represents just binary data array of indefinite format. Usually such files get a name with ".bin" extension.

Combination of bin files efficiency and text files universality can be achieved with the help of container files. These files keep arbitrary binary data in the predetermined format allowing you to use standard functions and utilities for further operation with them.

Device driver
System software. Lower level software. It is built into the operating system and provides the access for the applications to the hardware resources of the instrument supported. This software type doesn’t cooperate directly with a user. Device driver examples: keyboard driver, USB flash drive driver, USB-oscilloscope driver.

Files ".csv"
To store measurement data they usually use CSV format (Comma-Separated Values) with ".csv" extension.

As a rule, before software use, it should first be installed into the operating system which means copying necessary files to the PC, registering necessary services, creating shortcuts and a menu for user access to the applications. This task is completed by a special utility-installer. It is usually launched by an executable file named Setup.exe. Then, by means of dialog with the user, it creates the whole software installation procedure, beginning from the packed type supplied by the seller, up to finish when the application can be used on the computer.

Programming language and computing platform. It is the underlying technology that powers state-of-the-art programs including utilities, games, and business applications.

An open, cross-platform object scripting language for the creation and customization of applications on enterprise networks and the Internet.

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