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Aiken, Howard Hathaway
Howard Hathaway Aiken (March 8, 1900 – March 14, 1973) was a pioneer in computing, being the original conceptual designer behind IBM's Harvard Mark I computer.

André-Marie Ampère
A French physicist and mathematician who is generally regarded as one of the main discoverers of electromagnetism. The SI unit of measurement of electric current, the ampere, is named after him.

Bell, Alexander Graham
Scottish-born inventor, scientist and engineer who is credited with patenting the first practical telephone. He also co-founded the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T).

Blondel, André
André-Eugène Blondel was a French engineer and physicist. He is the inventor of the electromechanical oscillograph and a system of photometric units of measurement.

Celsius, Anders
A Swedish astronomer, talented mathematician, a professor of astronomy at Uppsala University, the first to perform and publish careful experiments aiming at the definition of an international temperature scale on scientific grounds.

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