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Amplitude Modulation
Amplitude Modulation is analogue signal (carrier) amplitude changing.

Analog waveform generators
Analog generators contain frequency-sensitive circuits for self-excitation condition at the specified frequencies.

Arbitrary Waveform Generator
As a rule arbitrary waveform generator is a sort of function generator capable of generating arbitrary waveforms. The majority of modern arbitrary waveform generators use direct digital synthesis (DDS) to generate an output signal, i.e. they are digital.

ASK - amplitude shift keying
Amplitude shift keying is a signal transform method when the carrying oscillation amplitude changes abruptly depending on the discrete data messages.

DDS is a rather new frequency synthesis method which appeared in early 70s, last century. All the methods described have been available to the developers for decades but only recently such a close attention has been paid to DDS. Nowadays the appearance of cheap micro circuits with DDS and convenient development tools make them attractive for various application fields.

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