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New online tool: dB Gain Calculator
07/16/2024 | 2178
T&M Atlantic introduces the new online tool: dB Gain Calculator

Dual-channel inductive soldering station Aktakom ASE-1203
07/11/2024 | 1643
Two-channel soldering station with two induction soldering irons. Soldering station power 90 W*2, operating temperature range 176...869F / 80...480C. Intelligent soldering, quick temperature recovery. Temperature lock mode with password, energy saving function.

New Video on our YouTube Channel: How to Fix Your Pool Electrical Supply
07/09/2024 | 1805
How to diagnose not working pool pump? Learn how to diagnose and repair your pools electrical supply. Helpful diagnostic and repair advice is now available in our new You Tube video. Please like and subscribe for more engineering content.

How to use a digital soldering station AKTAKOM ASE-1111
07/08/2024 | 2017

Digital soldering station AKTAKOM ASE-1111 is designed for mounting electronic components on printed circuit boards. ASE-1111 has a wide range of rotor temperature adjustments, compact dimensions, and ergonomic design. The ASE-1111 digital LCDs provide complete information on temperature and operating modes.

AKTAKOM APS-1006 power supply perfect for education
07/01/2024 | 903
Aktakom APS-1006 low power switching DC power supply is foremost designed for educational purposes, its perfect for laboratory works since its very simple in use.

Compact and powerful rework station - AKTAKOM ASE-4509
06/24/2024 | 1544
AKTAKOM ASE-4509 rework station offers an excellent solution for desoldering work. It is very easy for operation and can be widely used in the repairing and reworking areas and on most SMD rework job, like SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA etc.

High quality and multifunctionality  Aktakom AM-1060 multimeter
06/17/2024 | 2739
For those who are looking for a high quality and multifunctional multimeter we would like to suggest Aktakom AM-1060 model. AM-1060 multimeter has various service modes and functions that significantly speed up the measurement process.

 Wire Resistance Calculator
06/13/2024 | 1745
T&M Atlantic presents the new online tool to quickly determine the capacitor value required for transformerless power supply circuit.

FAQ: May I use AKTAKOM APS-1015 power supplies to charge accumulators?
06/06/2024 | 1271

Low-cost AKTAKOM APS-1015 is foremost designed for educational purposes, it is perfect for laboratory works and elementary use. AKTAKOM APS-1015 model is a low-power switching DC power supply with 15 fixed output voltages, over current protection is also included.

How to use ASE-2101 Desoldering Station?
06/03/2024 | 1211

AKTAKOM ASE-2101 is a desoldering station with temperature control that provides high stability of the preset temperature. This popular model is reliable and easy to use.

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