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Interesting fact about electron
07/05/2024 | 134
Our web site has an interesting Measurement Fun Facts section that can always help you to relax, smile and simultaneously refresh your knowledge. We have added one more fact that you’d love to know.

Exhibitions and conferences awaited in the nearest future
05/21/2024 | 683
Summer is round the corner! If you are thinking of attending some exhibitions or trade shows we have updated our special Events section that will help you to choose the most preferable event.

Do you know who won the Nobel Prize in Physics 1956?
02/05/2024 | 2466
In 1956 three scientists were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for "their researches on semiconductors and their discovery of the transistor effect". Check our Persona section for more details...

Several days left till DesignCon 2024! Check other exhibitions in our Events section!
01/24/2024 | 2538
Created by engineers for engineers, DesignCon brings together 5,000 professionals from the high-speed communications and semiconductor communities for three jam-packed days of education and activities. This year DesignConn will be held on Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, 2024 in Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA.

New Measurement fun fact. How measurements helped to catch criminals in the 19th century
11/02/2023 | 2773
You will never find a person who has absolutely same physical parameters with you. Even if you have the same height with your friend for example, your fingers will be different. There are no 100% same people in the world. And this peculiarity helped to catch criminals in the 19th century...

New term in our D.E.V.I.C.E. Encyclopedia
09/26/2023 | 2753
Check D.E.V.I.C.E. (Wiki) for a new term! The term LiFi, which is short for Light Fidelity, is one of the newest communication technologies that aim to improve upon current technology by making use of visible light communication...

New Home Page Layout
07/13/2023 | 2633

Our Home Page is now more streamlined with main bar having more consolidated menu with more dropdown options

This will allow users to see more options and services available to them under each menu subject

Please check out the new design features and contact us with any comments

New exhibitions added to “Events” section
05/12/2023 | 2215
Our “Events” section has got some new international exhibitions that will be held this summer.

Our services for your convenience
04/14/2023 | 2130
There have been many useful services implemented on our web site that can always help to make your search quick and easy. Find more details about them in this piece of news.

Which exhibitions are expected in the USA and abroad? Find out on our web site
11/10/2022 | 2219
Our “Events” Section created specially for your convenience keeps on updating. Plan your exhibition schedule in the USA and abroad in advance and our special Section will help you with it.

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