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Analog bar graph
A graphic representation of the quantity under test.

Quoted accuracy is specified as the minimum DC voltage or lower mV DC range accuracy.

The resolution of a multimeter is the smallest part of the scale which can be shown. Its often specified in the number of decimal digits resolved and displayed.

First figure of range in advertisement and catalogues usually means less significant digit on minimal range.

Digital meters are rated into categories based on their intended application, as set forth by IEC 61010 -1 and echoed by country and regional standards groups such as the CEN EN61010 standard.

Category I is used where equipment is not directly connected to the mains.

Category II is used on single phase mains final sub-circuits

Category III is used on permanently installed loads such as distribution panels, motors, and 3 phase appliance outlets.

Category IV is used on locations where fault current levels can be very high, such as supply service entrances, main panels, supply meters and primary over-voltage protection equipment.

Minimal value of the signal that can be measured with guaranteed accuracy.

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