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How to calculate the spark-extinguishing RC circuit
When the relay closes and opens, its contacts can be damaged by the resulting electric discharge arc. To protect them, you can use RC chains installed in parallel with the relay or load. You can calculate the parameters of the elements needed for this here by entering the general characteristics of the circuit.

LC Circuit Resonant Frequency Calculator
LC circuit resonant frequency calculator is an easy-to-use tool to quickly determine the resonant frequency of an LC circuit (also called a resonant circuit) which contains only an inductor and a capacitor, in parallel or series.

Series LED Resistor Calculator
This tool allows you to determine which resistor you should use when you have a single LED or a number of the same color of LEDs in series. It displays resistor value, recommended resistor wattage as well as resistor color coding.

Square wave generator using IC 555 calculator
This calculator allows you to determine signal parameters of a square pulse generator built on the basis of the popular 555 microcircuit which works as a multivibrator i.e. in self-oscillating mode.

Voltage Divider Calculator
Voltage Divider Calculator is a simple easy-to-use tool that helps you evaluate the output voltage or resistors values in a single voltage divider according to Ohm's law.

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