Square wave generator using IC 555 calculator

Square wave generator using IC 555 calculator allows you to easily determine pulse frequency and othe parameters of a circuit.

A square pulse generator built on the basis of the popular 555 microcircuit works as a multivibrator i.e. in self-oscillating mode. This is a mode in which impulses arise themselves, without any external influences.

To calculate the pulse frequency, you can use the formula:

f = 1 / (0.693 * C1 * (R1 + 2 * R2)),
t1 = 0.693 * (R1 + R2) * C1,
t2 = 0.693 * R2 * C1

In this formula:

t1 – pulse duration
t2 – pause duration
f – vibration frequency

As follows from the calculation, in such a generator circuit it is impossible to obtain an exact filling of 50%, that is, a clear meander.

Learn more about square wave generator using IC 555.

This tool also allows you to share and print calculation results.

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