Analog bar graph

A graphic representation of the quantity under test.

This makes go/no-go testing easy, and also allows spotting of fast-moving trends.

Analog bar graph

All hand-held multimeters have a rate of change of values on the digital display screen 1-2 times per second.

The display speed of an analog scale is much faster – typically 10 times faster.

Accordingly, an analogue scale will visually better show the dynamics of changes in a particular parameter, i.e. in fact, an analog scale works the same way as a dial multimeter. The graphic scale is also convenient to use for assessing the stability of parameters and transient processes, tracking voltage or current surges, for example, at the output of a power source or the rate of change of current when charging or discharging capacitors or various chemical processes with electronic sensors.

If, when working with a multimeter, you need to track dynamic processes, then choosing a multimeter with a graphic scale is mandatory.

An example of a multimeter with a graphic scale AM-1060:

How to Use AM-1060 Multifunctional Multimeter

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