Display Resolution / Display Counts

The resolution of a multimeter is the smallest part of the scale which can be shown. The resolution is scale dependent. On some digital multimeters it can be configured, with higher resolution measurements taking longer to complete. The resolution of a multimeter is often specified in the number of decimal digits resolved and displayed.

Specifying "display counts" is another way to specify the resolution. Display counts give the largest number, or the largest number plus one the multimeter display can show, ignoring a decimal separator.

  • 5˝ digits resolution refers to the number of digits displayed on the display of a multimeter:
    ˝ digit can display either 0 or 1, while a ѕ digit can display a numeral >1 but not 9.
  • 199999 Display count gives the largest number (or the largest number plus one):
    5˝ digits resolution meter could show + or - values from 0 to 199,999 (200000).

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