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The main modulation function is signal transformation or transfer from low-frequency range to higher for further transfer through radio or cable carrier line.

Phase Modulation
Phase Modulation is analog signal (carrier) transformation type when the signal changing parameter is its phase.

PSK – phase shift keying
Phase shift keying is a signal transform method when the carrying oscillation phase changes abruptly depending on the discrete data messages.

A pulse is a sporadic increase or decrease in a current flow. Idealy the pulse would have a rise and a fall.

Pulse generator is a source of pulse signals for the regulation of measurements in electronic circuits and instruments.

PWM - Pulse Width Modulation
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is signal duty changing (Duty is ratio pulse width to signal period).

Innovative SiFi (Signal Fidelity) technology provides signal generation on “point by point” principle. This technology helps to achieve the best quality of the generated signal with low jitter, low distortion level and high precision of frequency setting.

A signal is a waveform that carries information. Signals can be AC or DC.

Simple square wave generator using logical elements
The simplest generator circuit can be assembled using logical elements. The main advantage of this generator is nothing superfluous: a timing RC chain and two microcircuit elements.

Square wave generator using IC 555
A square pulse generator built on the basis of the popular 555 microcircuit works as a multivibrator i.e. in self-oscillating mode. This is a mode in which impulses arise themselves, without any external influences.

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