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For a quick search of the necessary device on our web site we have implemented new “Select by” service. This simple and easy-to-use search system allows you to find the necessary information times more quickly than if you ramble on the web site from one model page to another one.

How does it work?
You need to select the required section in our Online store, e.g. Handheld Digital Multimeters AKTAKOM, and check the column on the left named “Select by”. Here you may specify those parameters you find the most important, price and technical specifications, and then click “Show”. As a result you will see only those models which fully correspond to the selected parameters. Let us remind that you may compare the similar products only.

Also you may always use our other services available on the web site. They include:

  • D.E.V.I.C.E. – our online encyclopedia containing terms and definitions.
  • Measurement Fun Facts – service for your entertainment, here you will find some interesting facts about the world of measurement.
  • Comparing service – the comparison tables which allow comparing the parameters of similar devices. Check it before buying the device.
  • How it works” – service containing the pictures of interior design of devices.
  • Company news – fresh news about new products of our company.
  • Industry news – timely news from the measurement world.

Hope you will always find these services convenient and helpful to you!

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