Zworykin, Vladimir K.

Zworykin, Vladimir K.

Vladimir K. Zworykin is a Russian-American engineer, scientist and inventor in the field of electronics.

Vladimir Zworykin entered the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology and graduated with honors in 1912 with a diploma in engineering. In 1912-1914 he continued his education in Paris at the College de France under the guidance of Paul Langevin.

In 1919 Vladimir Zworykin moved to the USA where he got a job in the research laboratory of Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Later he headed the laboratory of the Radio Corporation of America. In 1923 Zworykin developed the main elements of the television system, and in 1933 he built a practical electronic television system with image decomposition into 240 lines.

In the 1940s Vladimir Kozmich together with James Hillier developed a scanning electron microscope. During the Second World War he was engaged in the development of night vision devices and television-guided bombs.

Zworykin owns more than 120 patents for various inventions. He received a large number of different awards. In particular, in 1967, he was awarded the US National Science Medal for Scientific Merit for 1966 by US President Lyndon Johnson. In 1977 he was elected to the National Inventors Hall of Fame.


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