Signal generator types

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Analog waveform generators
Analog generators contain frequency-sensitive circuits for self-excitation condition at the specified frequencies.

Arbitrary Waveform Generator
As a rule arbitrary waveform generator is a sort of function generator capable of generating arbitrary waveforms. The majority of modern arbitrary waveform generators use direct digital synthesis (DDS) to generate an output signal, i.e. they are digital.

Function generator
As a rule function generator is a sort of a waveform generator capable of generating different signal waveforms (there are usually 3 typical signals: sine, square, triangle/sawtooth).

Logic sequence generator, pattern generator
Logic sequence generator, pattern generator is a technical device, generator which forms signals to work with digital electronic circuits on several outputs at the same time.

Pulse generator is a source of pulse signals for the regulation of measurements in electronic circuits and instruments.

Waveform generator
Waveform generator is a calibrated (standard) signal source of different types and frequencies intended for operations with electronic circuits and measurements in them. Synonym is standard signal generator.

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