Crms (Cycrms) - Oscilloscope Automatic Measurement Type

A type of automatic measurements. The true Root Mean Square voltage over the first cycle in the waveform.


Cycrms (or Crms) - RMS (root-mean-square) voltage is useful when dealing in period signals; calculation of RMS voltage involves integration over one period and division by the length of the period. It is chiefly used with sine wave functions, and many times when a sine wave is specified its amplitude will be given as an RMS voltage.

Pulse measurements

Pulse measurements

  • Pk-Pk (Vp): amplitude (peak-to-peak) voltage Max (Ma): the maximum voltage
  • Min (Mi): the minimum voltage
  • Vtop (Vt): rectangular pulse voltage peaks
  • Vbase (Vb): base voltage square wave
  • Vamp (Va): voltage amplitude (Vtop - Vbase)
  • Mean (V): the average value of the voltage
  • Cycrms (Vk): rms voltage over one period
  • (Vmax-Vtop)/Vamp->Overshoot (Os): Emission measurements at the top of a percentage of the amplitude of the square wave (Vmax-Vtop) / Vamp
  • (Vmin-Vbase)/Vamp->Preshoot (Ps): Emission measurements at the base as a percentage of the amplitude of the rectangular pulse (Vmin-Vbase) / Vamp

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