AKTAKOM at International CES 2015. New devices!

 AKTAKOM at International CES 2015. New devices!


Miami Fl., January 9, 2014 – Distributer of the test and measurement equipment, T&M Atlantic, today demonstrated a new product from “Wireless mobile measuring laboratory AKTAKOM”. This unique device series number many test and measuring devices: power supplies, digital oscilloscopes, nonelectrical quantities meter, matrix RF signals switch box and also benchtop and handheld multimeters.

Thus T&M Atlantic. announced a new multimeter – AKTAKOM ABM-4081. For its functionality this model is classical 4½ digit TrueRMS multimeter which allows you to take measurements with 0,02% basic measurement accuracy as well as to select the needed measurement range manually or automatically. ABM-4081 will help you to measure: DC voltage up to 1000 V (0.02%), TrueRMS AC voltage up to 10 A (0.2%), TrueRMS alterating current up to 10 A (0.75%), frequency up to 6 MHz (0.01%), resistance up to 60 MΩ (0.3%), capacity up to 60 mF (3%), temperature from -200 °C… 1200 °C (with the help of thermocouples: K, J, T, E, R, S, B, N-type). Moreover ABM-4081 can be used for diode checking and continuity testing.

For PC-operation this device has RS-232C, USB-device, LAN and Bluetooth interfaces! At the moment the device features have been significantly broaden due to new AKTAKOM Virtual Multimeter software used to operate this multimeter.

More information can be found at www.tmatlantic.com

For more details about Wireless mobile measuring laboratory AKTAKOM you are welcome to T&M Atlantic, South hall of LVCC, at booth # 35156.

About T&M Atlantic.

www.tmatlantic.com is an online store that distributes oscilloscopes, anemometers, cable locators, clamp meters, digital multimeters, humidity meters, insulation testers, light meters, milliohm meters, RLC meters, sound level meters, tachometers, thermometers and soldering equipment to the laboratories, R&D centers, colleges, universities, tech companies, government contractors and to the general public. The site is secure and highly informative with a variety of educational videos and articles posted throughout the site. The majority of our products are sold under the AKTAKOM trade mark. We are also offering several other brands such as RIGOL, OWON, TRONEX and more.

Our Mission is to promote innovative, high-quality, reliable and easy to use measuring equipment. Our main goal is Complete Customer Satisfaction.

We strive to become one of the leading suppliers of electronic measuring devices through a combination of newest technologies, affordability to the customers, ease of use and competitive prices for all our products.

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