Save $15 on APS-3320 DC Power Supply 30V / 20A 1 Channel

Save $15 on APS-3320 DC Power Supply 30V / 20A 1 Channel

AKTAKOM APS-3320 is a single channel DC power supply with an adjustable current limit. APS-3320 provides accurate stable DC power with low noise.

APS-3320 regulated DC power supply is ideal for test benches, laboratories, schools and repair facilities. Multiturn voltage control knob helps user to accurately dial in precise voltage. It is easy to read digital outputs (voltage and current) on a large display accurately.

This instrument incorporates a cooling fan for reliable performance.

Push button switch allows user to connect and disconnect the load.

Save $15 New Sale Price $274.00 Sale Ends Sept 30


  • Four-wire (4-wire) connection scheme
  • Attractive digital display shows voltage and current
  • Cooling fan
  • High precision voltage regulation
  • Proqressive current regulation
  • Dual terminal system: safety test style or expandable screw terminals
  • Overtoad protection circuit
  • Output polarity: positive or negative
  • Rugged reinforced metal frame construction

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