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AM-1018 Digital Multimeter + 2 GΩ Insulation Tester
AM-1018 Digital Multimeter + 2 GΩ Insulation Tester
True RMS
Digital Multimeter-megaohmmeter, basic accuracy 0.2%. Measurements: Insulation resistance (0.01MΩ…2GΩ, acc. 1.5%), DC voltage 0.1mV1000V, AC voltage 0.1mV1000V, DC current 0,1µA500mA, AC current 0,1A500mA, Resistance 0.1Ω50MΩ, Capacitance 0.01nF1000F; Min/Max values, Relative measurements, Auto and manual measurement range selection, Backlit display, Auto turn-off, Data hold. Dimensions: 210x100x50mm. Weight: 560g.
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AM-2002 Insulation tester
AM-2002 Insulation tester
Display: 18mm (0.7") LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), Max indication 1999. Insulation: 200Mohm/100V, 200Mohm/250V, 200Mohm/500V, 1000Mohm/1000V. ACV: 600ACV. OHMS: 200ohm. Sampling Time: 0.4s. Megohm Respond Time: Max. approx. 2.5s. Zero Adjustment: Automatic adjustment. Over-input: Indication of "1". Operating Temp:. 0 to 50°C (0 to 122F). Operating Humidity: Less than 80%RH. Power Supply: DC 9V (6 x 1.5V AA battery, recommended to use the alkaline or heavy duty battery). Power Consumption: Approx. 100mA (1000Mohm/1000V range)
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AKTAKOM - the Best in Test Award Winner!
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