AM-1060 Is Now on Sale

AM-1060 Is Now on Sale

For those who are looking for a high-quality and multifunctional multimeter, we would like to suggest the Aktakom AM-1060 model. AM-1060 multimeter has various service modes and functions that significantly speed up the measurement process.The main functions of Aktakom AM-1060: measurement of DC voltage (0.1 mV 1000 V); AC voltage (0.1 mV 1000 V); direct current (0.1 A 10 A); resistance (0.1 Ω 40 MΩ); capacity (1pF 40000 F); frequency (1 Hz 40 MHz); temperature (-20C 750C), P-N test, continuity test, basic inaccuracy: 0.5%.

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Other capabilities:

  • Quick switching between current or voltage measurement and the frequency (VAHz button)
  • Large LCD (figure height: 0.8 in / 20 mm) 3¾
  • Quick-response graphic scale: 40 segments
  • Max/min data hold
  • Peak level measurement (PEAK)
  • Relative measurement (REL)
  • Manual/auto selection of measurement limit
  • Measured value hold
  • Input resistance: 10 MΩ
  • Diode and continuity tests
  • Power: 2 pcs of AAA / 1.5V
  • Auto power off function (which can be switched off)

The web page of Aktakom AM-1060 has a detailed description, accuracy tables, additional pictures, application examples as well as the answers to the frequently asked questions.

How to use this multimeter see this video

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