Soldering station for amateurs and professionals

Soldering station for amateurs and professionals


The range of Aktakom soldering stations is very wide and variable. You may always choose the right model for your purposes. We would like to draw your attention to Aktakom ASE-1116 soldering station which is used in traditional types of soldering as well as for lead-free.

This compact but powerful enough soldering station (60W) has sufficient functionality to help you with almost any soldering task.

Temperature range of ASE-1116 is 160°C - 480°C. The required temperature is kept stable and displayed on a wide backlit LCD which displays the actual temperature of the soldering tip and also the setting temperature. Temperature is controlled with the buttons on the station front panel.

To make your work as much convenient as possible there is a special stand with a sponge used for the soldering iron.

To see more details go to Aktakom ASE-1116 soldering station web page.

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