New AKTAKOM ASE-1119 temperature controlled soldering station!

New AKTAKOM ASE-1119 temperature controlled soldering station!


Herewith we are introducing a new model of temperature controlled soldering station. AKTAKOM ASE-1119 can be used in the fields of electronic research, teaching and production, especially in the repairing and soldering on the electronic appliances and communication equipment.

Easy operation, ergonomic design and very low cost make ASE-1119 station a perfect choice for amateurs.

AKTAKOM ASE-1119 has the following features:

  • Channel: 1 assembling channel
  • Analog control
  • Max. station power: 48W
  • Temperature range: 302°F - 842°F (150°C - 450°C)
  • Max. power of the soldering iron: 48W
  • Max. voltage of the soldering iron: 24V
  • Ceramic heating element
  • Soldering iron handle is covered with soft cool-touch silicone material

Moreover this soldering station is very compact and won't take much of your working space.

Page of new ASE-1119 soldering station keeps the information on how to replace the soldering tip as well as the detailed user manual. Click here.

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