Zoom or fragment expansion mode allows expanding a marked oscillogram zone in the horizontal area throughout the full width of the display. Such fragment expansion of the basic oscillogram is used for more detailed signal analysis with higher horizontal resolution.

It should be noted that in zoom mode the horizontal scale setting of the zoom time base setting cannot be set slower than the Main time base setting.

Zoom mode can vary depending on oscilloscope model; it can be realized in one- or two-window modes.

The example of zoom realization for Aktakom AOC-5302 digital oscilloscope with wide-screen image can be seen below.

The first screenshot shows the display with the basic signal. It’s clear that the main signal contains impulses and this zone needs to be analyzed in a more proper way.


The second screenshot shows the setting of the window fragment needed for analyzing.

window fragment

The third screenshot shows the expanded fragment of the basic oscillogram where the impulse itself and the main signal can be seen in a very detail as well as those specifications invisible in a simple view mode.

expanded fragment

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