SMD Capacitor Code Calculator

SMD Capacitor Code Calculator allows you to determine capacitance by the SMD (surface mount device) capacitor markings found on the device and to determine SMD capacitor markings by capacitance. It displays rated capacitance, capacitor tolerance and voltage.

This tool supports 3- / 4-digit code, alphabetical code and EIA-198 code.

The first two numbers indicate the significant digits, and the third is the multiplier — the number of zeros (ex.: code "103" indicates 10000pF). Note: in most cases the third digit (multiplier) indicates the number of zeros, but some manufacturers use "8" for 0.01 and "9" for 0.1 multiplier. Please refer to manufacturer specifications. For capacitance <10pF the capital letter "R" is used to indicate the position of a decimal point (ex.: codes "R50" or "0R5" indicate 0.5pF).

If 3- / 4-digit code starts with a capital letter (except "R"), it represents the maximum voltage. A capital letter at the end of the code represents capacitor tolerance.

The EIA-198 code uses two characters (one letter and one digit). The letter represents the value and the digit represents the multiplier.

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