Wave Inspector

Wave Inspector is a standard function of any Tektronix DPO3000 series models, considered innovative. It significantly simplifies ordinary and at the same time laborious debugging tasks: recorded signals research in order to find some separate events of interest. Earlier it was made manually by the data scrolling and the check of the passing signal flow.
Wave Inspector simplifies this process and significantly exceeds the capabilities of an ordinary linear scrolling concept. It’s not just a convenient and user-friendly solution. It is a flexible interface that provides intuitive interaction with information from oscilloscope storage and on its display. For users Wave Inspector symbolizes faster and more effective work.

Wave inspector

Wave Inspector has a group of functions to change the scale, scroll, crop and search. These features are supported with both software and hardware of DPO3000 series devices. Actually Wave Inspector provides all necessary functions to the engineer.

Wave Inspector distinctive visual feature is a new Jog / Shuttle operating handle on DPO3000 front panel. In outward appearance this handle resembles other implementation of «Jog / Shuttle» technology but interactive features are different.

Jog / Shuttle handle consists of two concentric knobs which work together to control zooming and scrolling. The inner knob controls the scaling factor. The more this handle turns clockwise the greater the signal scale displayed. The outer ring controls the scrolling speed. The more this ring turns in any direction the faster the signal moves across the screen.

To search for a specific event in the storage which keeps the signal is the process of scale changes and scrolling. Up to these days it took a combination of movements: to increase the scale, view the signal, reduce the scale for a broader review, the transition to the new oscillogram area (scrolling), to increase the scale again, etc. This is a tedious process which seems even more complex due to the menu navigation because not all of the tools are available on the control panel.

In contrast to this method Wave Inspector makes it possible to move quickly along the signal areas (scrolling), with a capability to save large scale, by turning of the handle outer ring on the large angle. As a result the scrolling function moves the window along the signal at the rate proportional to the ring deflection angle.

Unique play and pause functions allow moving along the recorded data automatically when viewing the signal. Scrolling handle controls the speed of moving. Increase in the handle deviation causes "faster" signal reproduction. Play function, that does not require the operator’s intervention, acts like a fast playback on DVD-player. It allows the engineer to view a large amount of material quickly visually assessing the effects in the form of a signal. Pressing Play / Pause knobs for the second time immediately stops the movement along the signal.

Wave inspector_screenshot

Marks setting function (Mark) also helps the user to navigate through the storage which keeps the signal. The knob of mark Setup / cleaning (Set / Clear) puts a visible marking symbol at any selected point of the signal. Front panel «Back» and «Next» knobs move the image from mark to mark. It additionally simplifies the navigation.

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