Waveform recorder

Oscillogram waveform recorder is oscilloscope mode for automatic storage of the required input signal waveform frames within the specified time interval.

Waveform recorder can be used in the automatic recording of short signals with long time interval between them.

There are 3 modes of waveform recorder: record, playback and storage. Further there is an example of the waveform recorder work of Aktakom AOC-5302 wide screen oscilloscope recording impulses with variable duration. The example shows the automatic mode of 30 frames register where the record interval between the frames is 1ms.

The screenshot below displays the record of frame 5 (displayed in the upper left corner) with the impulse of 1.5 ms duration

record of frame 5

and frame 30 where the impulse duration has achieved 200 µs already.

record of frame 30

After the recording of the necessary amount of frames into the oscilloscope storage (in our case there are 30 frames) it is possible to look them through in the waveform playback mode. There can be two types of this mode: auto with specified time interval and manual.

In auto mode the time interval can differ from the time interval set in the record mode. Thus the playback can be slowed or quickened. Besides all frames playback is not necessary. The first frame and the last one can be chosen if necessary. The screenshot below displays the automatic waveform playback mode with the interval of 100 ms. There is an impulse of 500 µs fixed on frame 13.

automatic waveform playback mode

In the manual waveform playback mode it is possible to choose a certain frame recorded, e.g. frame 7 (impulse duration – 1.7 µs).

frame 7

or frame 8 (impulse duration – 50 µs).

frame 8

Aktakom digital oscilloscope can record maximum 1000-2500 frames in waveform recorder mode.

Due to the use of the third waveform recorder mode – “Storage” – the whole waveform record data can be saved. It is important that the storage can be made both to the internal memory and to external USB-drive. Afterwards the recorded frames can be thoroughly analyzed and documented.

Together with activated Pass/Fail function waveform recorder is considered very useful to capture abnormal signals and noises in long-term procedures without any visual control itself.

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