The VXIbus provides a time-tested bus you can trust to support your automated test and measurement needs. You can trust the VXIbus because it is well conceived, established, and time tested. More importantly, the VXIbus continues to thrive and is ideal for both current and future application requirements.

  • The VXIbus was well conceived by leading test and measurement companies to solve the most demanding test applications.
  • The VXIbus is established. The VXIbus Consortium was formed in 1987 with a charter of defining a multivendor instrument-on-a-card standard. Since that time, the Consortium has defined system-level components required for hardware interoperatibility. The IEEE officially adopted the VXI specification, IEEE 1155, in March 1993.
  • The VXIbus is time tested, providing systems designers with security in the knowledge that their test platform will out live the device being tested.
  • The VXIbus is thriving and has proven that it has the flexibility to evolve with the development of new technologies.

VXIbus Consortium

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