International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness is a global event arranged by the United Nations annually on March 20. It serves to remind us that being happy is a human right and worth celebrating.

This holiday is celebrated thanks to the work done by the United Nations and its partner nonprofit group Action for Happiness, which is composed of people from 160 countries. The ultimate goal of the movement is to spread awareness that progress is not only about increasing bottom lines and encouraging economic growth, but well-being and human happiness as well. In 2011, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that made it a “fundamental human goal” to give happiness as much priority as economic opportunity. Two years later, in 2013, all 193 member states of the UN celebrated the world’s first International Day of Happiness, and it has continued to grow since.

Interesting average numbers connected with happiness:

  • 6 or 7 – the number of hours spent socializing per day that leads to the highest levels of happiness.
  • 10 – the number of friends it takes to give your well‑being a big boost.
  • 5 – the number of positive interactions happy couples have for every negative one.
  • $75,000 – the annual salary it takes to put a smile on the average person’s face.
  • 25% – the percentage increase in happiness from having a close friend living nearby.
  • 33 – the general age that is considered the “happiest”.
  • 40% – the approximate percentage of your happiness that is truly up to you.
  • 15.3% – the percentage increase in your happiness if a loved one is happy.
  • 50% – the percentage of our happiness that is genetic.
  • 37% – the percentage by which your happiness increases by wearing bright colors.

How to measure happiness?
There are many scientific methods to measure happiness: biological, economical, behavioral etc. Scientists even tried to estimate an average happiness level of different countries calculating the number of smiles used in twits of various people. Probably all of these methods, all their mutual use, are workable and can help to give the right assessment. But only you may ask yourself whether you are happy or not, and every person has his own method therefore.

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