NI created PXI (PCI eXtension for Instrumentation) in 1997 to be an open standard for test hardware. PXI is now a leading industry standard for automated test with more than 60 vendors offering specialty modules.

PXIs architecture makes it possible to synchronize measurements across multiple modules or multiple chassis, so you can add to your systems as requirements change.

Engineers choose NI PXI because of its high measurement performance and proven history of lowering test time and reducing the overall cost of test. The combination of PXIs high performance, modularity, and software connectivity make it ideal for test applications that require high accuracy, high-channel count, mixed measurements.

PXI systems are composed of three main hardware components: Chassis, controller, and modules. System software is both reconfigurable and customizable.

Best for:

  • Production test systems for electronic devices
  • Automated validation test
  • High-channel, high-speed test applications
  • Combining instruments, sensor, and electrical measurements

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