Stibitz, George

Stibitz, George

George Stibitz was born on April 20, 1904 in York, Pennsylvania, USA. He is an American mathematician, creator of one of the first electromechanical computing devices.

In 1937 George Stibitz, as an employee of Bell Laboratories (a division of AT&T), at home managed to create the first electromechanical circuit in the United States that performs a binary addition operation – a binary adder. The operation of the device was based on the provisions of Boolean logic, and the role of logic gates in it was played by electromechanical relays. This binary adder is now an integral part of any digital computer.

In 1939, together with S. Williams, Stibitz developed a device capable of adding complex numbers, as well as performing subtraction, multiplication, and division. They called this device a complex number calculator.

In 1940 the Stibitz apparatus began to be used for calculations in the Bell control. Using a teletype, he was connected to remote branches of the company, which allowed employees to use the calculator remotely.

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