Voltage stabilization (CV)

For DC power supply

In DC voltage mode the power supply will produce current in accordance with the resistance value of the load, at the same time the specified input voltage will stay invariable. The retention of the preset voltage will last until the maximum acceptable current in the load is achieved. As a rule, when the current exceeds the norm (current overload) the power supply automatically changes to current stabilization mode.

If the power supply is not protected against current overload it will get out of order in case of such overload.

Typically, for a mode indication, there should be an LED used with a "CV" marking.

For electronic load

When testing the power supply in this mode there is current floating through the electronic load in accordance with the specified current on the power supply operating in current stabilization mode and the voltage stays constant when the input current of the power supply changes.

Constant voltage (CV)

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