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Test & Measurement World was a magazine published from January 1981 to July 2012. Now Test & Measurement World is a community of engineers who are working at the cutting edge as well as in the trenches of electronic test. Its goal is to support engineers, developers, and industry-related management in their test needs from conception to the field, from the back of a napkin to the top of a telephone pole.

Test & Measurement World covers products, technologies, methodologies, calibration science, and standards, talks about hardware, software, and firmware in articles, blogs, courses, and webinars. Test & Measurement World celebrates the best of test engineering in its annual Best in Test, Test of Time, and Test Engineer of the Year Awards. And, on a daily basis, Test & Measurement World aims to help inform, educate, and entertain.

Test & Measurement World, www.tmworld.com

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