Hold time

Hold time is minimal time for the data set and stability after the appearance of the clock pulse.

The hold time example of the microcircuit recommended by manufacturers is shown in the table below:

Logic Clock rate Setup time Hold time
Altera Max 7000 PLD 200 MHz 2.5 ns 0.5 ns
Lattice GAL22V10-7 PAL 133 MHz 4.5 ns 0 ns
TI TMS320C549-40 DSP 80 MHz 5 ns 0 ns
Motorola MCM69D536 SRAM 66 MHz 3 ns 1 ns
Motorola MPC 860 Comm Controller 50 MHz 4 ns 2 ns
IDT 72420L20 Synchronous FIFO 50 MHz 5 ns 1 ns
Motorola Coldfire MCF 5206 Microcontroller 33 MHz 3 ns 3 ns
Motorola MC68332 Microcontroller 16 MHz 5 ns 0 ns
AMD 29DL800B Flash Memory 16 MHz 35 ns 0 ns
TI FN74LVC573A Octal Latch n/a 2 ns 1.5 ns

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