AKTAKOM AEC-3536 ESD PU foaming chair

AKTAKOM AEC-3536 ESD PU foaming chair


When equipping modern electronics production it’s necessary to pay attention to means of protection against electrostatic charging. Thus ESD chairs should have high strength characteristics. The material of the seat and back should be conductive. The wheels and feet should be made of graphite-containing material or metal providing good conductivity and allowing the static charge to flow smoothly and continuously.

AKTAKOM has a wide range of ESD-safe chairs and we are ready to introduce one of them – AEC-3536 ESD PU foaming chair which is perfect for service centers, measuring and university laboratories, electronics production, office and home.

Below you may see the main specifications of this model:

  • ESD-safe
  • Surface resistance: 106-109
  • Adjustable height: 16.5 - 22.4 in / 420 - 570 mm (match the wheels)
  • Five star foot: aluminum alloy, R = 12.6 in / 320 mm
  • Wheels: 5 pcs conductive type wheels
  • Armrest: unadjustable
  • Color: Black
  • Seat: 16.9 x 16.5 in / 430 x 420 mm
  • Back: 14.2 x 8.7 in / 360 x 220 mm

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