SMD Soldering Station and Tweezers Complete Set: Save $50

SMD Soldering Station and Tweezers Complete Set: Save $50

This set is an essential tool for handling SMD components used in reworking densely populated boards, high precision tweezer tips designed for a verity of electronic components and will help your work with all circuit boards.

ASE-1107T is now on sale for a limited time. Complete set Includes:

ASE-1107 ESD-safe Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

  • Soldering Iron
  • Iron Holder with Clearing Sponge
  • Ground Wire
  • Control Card Key

ASE-1209 Soldering Tweezers

  • Soldering Tweezers with A-1389 tip
  • Soldering Tweezers holder
  • Tip cleaning sponge (in the base)
  • Heat-resistant grip for tip changing
  • User manual

Tweezers Tip Set

A-1378, A-1380, A-1381, A-1382, A-1383, A-1384, A-1385, A-1388, A-1390, A-1391, A-1392

On sale now: Old Price $300.00 Sale Price $249.00 Sale ends Feb 29 2024

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