How to use a digital soldering station AKTAKOM ASE-1111

How to use a digital soldering station AKTAKOM ASE-1111


The popular model of the AKTAKOM ASE-1111 is reliable and compact.

For the soldering station, AKTAKOM ASE-1111 to serve you for a long time please read the instructions before starting work.

AKTAKOM ASE-1111 Operation instructions:

1. On the front of the housing you will find the LC-Display, the +/- button, and the ON/OFF switch.

2. After the power plug and the soldering iron have been plugged in and the soldering iron has been placed in the stand, turn on the soldering station with the ON/OFF switch.

3. For the first use, in the display, you will see 330C/626F in the lower line as factory default and 25C/77F in the upper line.

4. With the multifunction display, temperatures from 150C/F to 450C/842F can easily be set and confirmed.

5. With the +/- button, you can set the temperature with a resolution of rc. To do so, briefly press the respective button. If you hold the button, the display will change in steps of 10C/50F. When the desired temperature is reached, just release the button.

6. After you have set the desired temperature, "HEAT ON" and "WAIT" will be displayed.

7. For the second use, the station will memorize the temperature set for the last use.

8. Select the right temperature for every job to avoid cold soldering joints or damage to delicate components or burning flux with excessive heat. Burnt flux will cause weak joints.

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