New Rigol RP1018H high-voltage probe


Family of Rigol high-voltage probes has been replenished with a new model – RP1018H.

RP1018H model is used for save measurement of AC+DC voltage of up to 18 kVpeak or AC voltage of up to 12 kVrms. Maximum operating frequency which this probe is capable of working at is 150 MHz.

Judging from the amplitude-frequency response characteristic of this new probe it’s possible to say that it can be used even to measure voltage of up to 100V at the frequency of up to 1 GHz.

New RP1018H probe allows measuring AC / DC voltage accurate to 3%. Division factor of RP1018H is 1000:1, input impedance is 200 MΩ||1.5 pF, also it has compensation adjustment feature (from 10 up to 35 pF).

New Rigol RP1018H high-voltage probe can be connected to any of Rigol oscilloscope series: DS1000B/D/E/CA, DS/MSO1000Z, DS/MSO2000, DS/MSO4000, DS6000.

Ask for the price and delivery terms by tel.: (786) 597 7752, (786) 332 4773.

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