AKTAKOM ATT-1004 Hot Wire Anemometer

AKTAKOM ATT-1004 Hot Wire Anemometer


AKTAKOM ATT-1004 anemometer with a sensor is designed to measure air velocity of 0.5-20 m/s. The telescope probe represents a glass thermistor placed in a small measuring head of 0.5in / 12mm diameter on a telescopic handle. ATT-1004 provides fast and precise measurements even in terms of low air velocity. This model is capable of displaying the results in all possible measurement units (m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mile/h). The latest one, max. and min. values, can be recorded to the device memory automatically.

AKTAKOM ATT-1004 has RS-232 interface that allows forwarding the measurement results to your PC.

Main features of ATT-1004:

  • measurement of low airflow velocity (from 0.5 mile/h);
  • telescope probe: glass thermistor placed in a small measuring head of 0.5in / 12mm on a telescopic handle;
  • air temperature measurement;
  • high contrast LCD with two scales;
  • RS-232 interface to connect to the PC by USB port using AKTAKOM ACE-1026 interface converter. There is a broad program of data processing with the help of ADLM-W and ADLM-A programs operating with Windows OS and Android OS accordingly.

AKTAKOM ATT-1004 anemometer together with AKTAKOM ACE-1026 interface converter and Aktakom Data Logger Monitor and Aktakom ATE Easy Monitor (ATEE Monitor) softwares takes the automated measurement of airflow velocity and makes various mathematical processing of the measurement results.

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