Aktakom Data Logger Monitor (ADLM-W)

Aktakom Data Logger Monitor (ADLM-W)
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Compatible with: 
ATE-1006 Anemometer
ATE-1033 Thermo-Anemometer, Real time SD memory card Datalogger
ATE-1033BT Thermo-Anemometer. Real time SD memory card Datalogger with Bluetooth interface
ATE-1034 Hot Wire Anemometer-Thermometer with Excel-formatted Data Logging SD Card and "K/J" Port
ATE-1034BT Hot Wire Anemometer, Real time SD memory card Datalogger with Bluetooth interface
ATE-9538 Environment Meter, SD Memory Card Datalogger
ATE-9538BT Environment Meter, Real time SD memory card Datalogger with Bluetooth interface
ATT-1004 Hot Wire Anemometer
ATE-1537 Light Meter
ATE-9030 Sound Level Meter
ATE-9030BT Sound Level Meter with Bluetooth interface
ATE-2002 Precision Thermometer
ATE-2036 Thermometer, Real Time SD Memory Card Datalogger
ATE-2036BT Thermometer, Real Time SD Memory Card Datalogger with Bluetooth interface
ATE-5035 Humidity and Temperature Meter, Real time SD memory card Datalogger
ATE-5035BT Humidity and Temperature Meter, Real time SD memory card Datalogger with Bluetooth interface
ATE-9380 Thermometer Monitor
ATE-9382 Humidity/Baro/Temperature Monitor
ATT-2002 Precision Thermometer
ATE-3012 Oxygen Meter
ATE-3012BT Oxygen Meter with Bluetooth interface
ATE-8702 Magnetic Meter
ATT-8509 Electromagnetic Field Meter
ATT-9002 Vibration meter
ACE-1025 Interface Converter
ACE-1026 Interface Converter

For Windows®
Supported OS: Windows XP x32, Windows XP x64, Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x32, Windows 8 x64

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ADLM-w software is designed for data reading from devices of AKTAKOM ATT, ATE series, for measurement data acquisition, its processing, displaying and storage in a PC with Windows XP x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows 7x32, Windows 8 x64, Windows Vista OS.


The application provides the detection and listing of devices available for operation, connected to the computer locally (via USB interface), initialization and testing of the selected device sample.

There are 2 modes implemented: single-channel and multi-channel (see below).

The application provides a continuous data reading method (recorder mode). The collected readings are displayed on the graphs that can be zoomed by user at will, graphs drawing style is adjustable (with points, cuts, splines). For graph manual measurements there are two cursors and ten user labels available, positions and intervals for cursors and labels are displayed numerically in a separate program window.

The application allows you to record measurement data into files as numerical data or as a graph image. Files with numerical data can be reloaded into the application for viewing and analysis. Measurement data printing is also supported, it can be sent to a printer or printed into a graph file.

The program requires the use of USB-RS232 (TTL) interface converter ACE-1025 or USB-RS232 interface converter ACE-1026 depending on the type of the compatible device (to check the compatibility visit the web page of the appropriate interface converter ACE-1025 and ACE-1026)
The list of devices compatible with this software is presented below.

Interface and operation order

Single-channel mode. Recorder, alarm signaling, statistics, table

Device connection to the program looks the standard way for multi-channel AKTAKOM applications: keys to search a device, keys to switch ON/OFF a device, list of the detected available devices. The list contains locally connected devices (via USB-cable to the PC with the program launched) as well as the devices detected in the network (search is made following the addresses in the socket list).

The top of the channel window displays the current numerical value of the channel measurements, below – three tabs: Recorder, Statistics, Table.

The first tab which is Recorder allows you to inspect the changing graph of the value under measurement in time. Here cursor measurements are available as well as alarm signaling which allows you to track automatically the parameter under measurement overrunning the set limits. Besides colour and sound signaling the program is capable of sending system messages with a code of alarm signaling. This allows connecting random external applications for the required event response.

Recorder measurement data can be saved into CD file for further viewing or exporting to process it in other applications. Herewith there is a good capability to set the recording time. For example when starting the measurement record of some long-term process you may set the file recording time as 10 minutes. In this case the program will record the next 10 minutes of measurements, afterwards the recording process will be automatically stopped, and it will be unnecessary for the operator to monitor the record on his own.

The second tab – Statistics – makes it possible to determine the main parameters of the statistical analysis of measurements: minimum and maximum values, average, deviation, skewness and kurtosis. Assignment of measurements is also presented in graphic form clearly indicating the nature of the measurement error on the histogram.

The third tab – Table – displays the measurement results in a simple table of numerical data. On a large scale, it's just an alternative way of representing the recorder data, and it is usually used for more details on the graph part of interest.

It is worth mentioning one more interesting program feature. As measurement result it allows using direct value measured by the device as well as derived value calculated by user entering random mathematical formula. In the simplest case, this option allows you to replace one measurement units by other ones, e.g. calculate the flow speed not in m/s but km/h. And it may provide hardly defined derived measurements which depend on several parameters, e.g. in accordance with the measurement of temperature, pressure and humidity you may get result measurements of the air density. It is obvious that in this case it is necessary to connect additional measurement channels beforehand.

Multi-channel mode. Multi-window interface

The application allows you to connect several devices simultaneously and take measurements from several channels respectively. Data types measured on different channels can coincide or vary. In theory general number of connections is not limited, but practically the use of endless channels list is not possible due to limited PC resources.

MDI technology allows you to put in order the channel windows location in the application working space and organize the most convenient measurement results view.

Complex mode. Summary graph and table

Presentation way of each channel in a separate window has advantages as well as disadvantages. On the one hand it’s convenient to see several individually set windows with measurements at once with its own statistics for each channel. But sometimes there is need to correlate measurements with one another. First method: open a recorder tab for the needed channel and tile these windows horizontally.

Second method: besides child windows of the channel measurements the application is capable of creating one summary data window for all channels. Top part of this window contains a graph with the measurement cyclograms of all channels plotted in single time-scale. Since scales and measurement types on different channels can be absolutely different each cyclogram is constructed on its own vertical scale.

But if the graph depicts a dozen of scales for a dozen of channels they will take all space on the screen and there will be no space for curves themselves. Developers have solved this problem by displaying only one vertical scale but making it changeable: by selecting the needed column from the data table at the lower part of the window user simultaneously selects the needed graph scale.

This software in its standard representation doesn’t have any data medium. It can be downloaded from www.tmatlantic.com after your device registration by entering its serial number. You may download the software files after the invoice payment (you will receive the code for download).

It’s recommended to make a timely backup copy of the received files. The loss of the software or the download code will cause extra payment. This software can be recorded to a CD. CD recording and its delivery will also cost some extra payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I using Aktakom Data Logger Monitor (ADLM-W) software load all of the information from the memory card to plot a graph?
  • Can I get my software on a CD?
  • What to do if I lost my software?

  • Can I using Aktakom Data Logger Monitor (ADLM-W) software load all of the information from the memory card to plot a graph?

    The environment meter records data to the memory card in *.xls format. All of the data can be copied to the PC after the measurement process.

    Aktakom Data Logger Monitor (ADLM-W) software can be used for the measurement data transmission (using Aktakom ACE-1025 interface converter) that means for online monitoring only.


    Can I get my software on a CD?

    The software can be delivered on physical media (CD-ROM). You can buy this service in our on-line store. The cost of writing your software on CD is $10 + tax (if you located in Florida) + shipping. It will be mailed to you after payment is received. The $10 charge is not for the software but the labor of writing on the CD and mailing it to you.

    Please note: this service is available only for purchased and registered instruments and software.

    Recording your Software on CD


    What to do if I lost my software?

    In the case of loss, there is a charge for the software reloading.

    AKTAKOM Data Logger Monitor

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