New AKTAKOM software for laboratory power supplies

New AKTAKOM software for laboratory power supplies


To make the remote control of AKTAKOM APS-73xx series laboratory power supplies more convenient there has been new Software Development Kit developed. This SDK is designed for creating user applications using the supported hardware. This SDK contains an instrumental driver for the following controllable power supplies: AKTAKOM APS-7313, APS-7315 and APS-7612.

There are 2 versions available: base and full.

Base Software Development Kit contains:

  • Windows dynamic link library (DLL) with all necessary functions required for the device operation; Driver library functions can be also called from any other programming environment in a familiar to DLL way;
  • library header file in C programming language;
  • HELP file with all library functions described.

Full (paid) SDK version contains additionally:

  • function tree appropriate to the library and an example of application for NI LabWindows/CVI environment;
  • functions appropriate to the library as well as an example of application for NI LabVIEW environment;
  • example of graphics application for Borland C++Builder environment (all necessary initial files of the project);
  • example of console application for Microsoft Visual C++ environment (all necessary initial files of the project).

In accordance with the license agreement the base version is a shareware and it is not subject to any application examples or any technical support. This base SDK can be recommended to highly skilled programmers for whom functions list and formal parameters list will be enough for creating their own software.

In case programming examples or technical support (via e-mail) is needed it’s better to use the paid full SDK version.

This software can be downloaded from after your device registration by entering its serial number and after you accept the License Agreement. Note: Serial number must be entered exactly as it appears on the device, with all the letters, numbers and other characters. After that there will be a link for further download provided.

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