New AKTAKOM AEE-2025 Crosspoint Switch in our Online store

New AKTAKOM AEE-2025 Crosspoint Switch in our Online store


Our Online store contains now a new model. AKTAKOM AEE-2025 crossbar switch is an assembly of individual switches between 4 inputs and 4 outputs, SMA sockets. The switches are arranged in a matrix with 4 x 4 cross-points or places where the "bars of two contacts" cross. At each crosspoint is a switch; when closed, it connects one of 4 inputs to one of 4 outputs or more. A given crossbar is a double layer, non-blocking switch. Collections of crossbars can be used to implement multiple layer and/or blocking switches. This crossbar is also may called to co-ordinate switching system.

You may pre-order AKTAKOM AEE-2025 Crosspoint Switch any time you wish by contacting our sales department.

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