Compact device to test electric power quality. AKTAKOM ACM-3192

Compact device to test electric power quality. AKTAKOM ACM-3192


AKTAKOM ACM-3192 is designed for one-phase and three-phase network operation. When operating with one-phase network ACM-3192 is capable of making analysis both for two- and three-wire lines; and when operating with three-phase networks – three- and four-wire lines.

ACM-3192 is an analyzer of electric power quality and it can calculate almost all parameters of power supply including as follows:

  • AC voltage (TRUE RMS): from 10 V up to 600 V (phase-phase, phase-neutral)
  • AC (TRUE RMS): from 0,001 A to 1200 A
  • Frequency: 45-65 Hz
  • Phase angle: -180°…180°
  • Power factor: from 0.01 to 1,00
  • Active power in the range: 0.001 kW to 9.999 MW
  • Apparent power: from 0.001 KVA to 9.999 MVA
  • Reactive power: from 0.001 KVAR to 9.999 MVAR
  • Watt hour (WH): from 0.001 KWH to 9.999 MWH
  • VA power (SH): from 0.001 KVAH to 9.999 MVAH
  • Reactive power hour (QH): from 0.001 KVARH to 9.999 MVARH

Device corresponds to strict safety standard: IEC1010 CATIII 600V.

ACM-3192 power analyzer has one feature that differs it from other devices of the similar class available in the test and measuring equipment market. ACM-3192 has a unique function of real time SD-card recording in Excel format without using any additional software.

As a memory element there can be SD card used of 1 to 16 Gb. But just in case it’s recommended to use SD card of up to 4 Gb (by the way the accessories of this model include 2 Gb SD card already).

To make further analysis more convenient you need to set full figures (day, month, year) and time (hour, minute, second). Sampling time can be from 2 up to 7200 sec. The way the .xls format data will look is represented in the below screenshot.

To make it clearer you may view the received data in graphic as it's shown below:

Measurement data is displayed on a large LCD (3.2 x 2.4 in / 81.4 x 61 mm) with 320 x 240 pixels resolution.

Besides SD card the accessories include:
- three clamp meters (2 in / 50 mm jaw diameter)

- 4 test leads and 4 alligator clips.

The device can be powered with network adapter (indoors) as well as with 8 AA type batteries (in the field).
AKTAKOM ACM-3192, accessories and probes are packed in a soft carrying case.

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