New AKTAKOM AHT-5029 29-item Tool Kit in our Catalogue

New AKTAKOM AHT-5029 29-item Tool Kit in our Catalogue


Our Online store can now offer new AKTAKOM AHT-5029 tool kit which contains 29 items and can be widely used for repair, service and debugging works in instrument engineering, computer technology and high-precision mechanics.

AKTAKOM AHT-5029 professional tool kit includes: 7pcs screwdriver, 3/16” nut driver, digital multimeter, solder wick, 3pcs solder aid tools, 6” side cutter, 6” long nose pliers, 6” combination pliers, 5" electronic cutter, solder reel, stainless tweezers, alignment tool, 6” adjustment wrench, 7pcs holding hex key, soldering iron, desoldering pump, durable zippered storage case.

Find more details and pictures on AKTAKOM AHT-5029 tool kit web page.

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