Pocket-size DT830B digital multimeter

Pocket-size DT830B digital multimeter


Herewith we’d like to offer you DT830B digital multimeter – a dream for any service specialist and amateur due to its very low price, simplicity and usefulness.

It can be considered a good gift for students – future engineers and technicians!

DT830B is a digital multimeter that can measure AC and DC voltage, DC current, resistance. It has diode and transistor test functions as well.

  • DC Voltage (DCV): 1000V
  • AC Voltage (ACV): 750V
  • DC Current (DCA): 10 A
  • Resistance: 2 MΩ

For your convenience the device has a large display (3.5 digit LCD, 7 segment, 0.5" high). Compact size (5 x 2.8 x 1 in / 126 x 70 x 25 mm) and light weight (6 oz / 170 g only) will allow you to take it with you simply putting in into your pocket.

Find more specifications on page of DT830B following this link.

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