Great Gift Idea: Antique 1916 Volt Meter

Great Gift Idea: Antique 1916 Volt Meter


1916 Volt Meter: Works, Excellent Condition, as Seen on TV Pawn Stars

As seen on Pawn Stars, very rear and unique piece of history, this volt meter / battery tester is a true collectors dream. This century old instrument is the only one available for sell in US and one of the very few in existence. Such rear instrument will make a great centerpiece for any scientific collector, museum or university library. This devise is in excellent working condition and could be used for testing even today. Additional bonus is the original leather case and instructions in German all in great condition.

  • Fully operational
  • Complete with case and instructions
  • Dated 1916
  • Famous case manufacturer
  • Represents the first electronic discoveries, industrial boom, new personal device era.

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