AKTAKOM AWG-41xx series signal generators

AKTAKOM AWG-41xx series signal generators


AKTAKOM AWG-41xx series consists of 3 models with maximum generation frequency as follows:

AWG-41xx series generators are designed using direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology which ensures high frequency accuracy, low distortion, fast switching from one frequency to another and a number of other high metrological parameters.

The front panel of the generators keeps the buttons to quickly recall five standard waveforms: sine, rectangular, triangular, pulse and noise. In addition further 48 types of special waveforms can be generated through the menu.

AKTAKOM AWG-4105, AWG-4110 and AWG-4150 generators have 2 almost identical channels. However there are still some differences between them: in CH1 the maximum amplitude of the generated signal can reach 20 V with an open circuit (10V, 50Ω impedance), and in CH2 the maximum amplitude can be 6 V.

The use of DDS technology allows user to achieve maximum resolution when setting the frequency in both channels (1 μHz), harmonic coefficient of the sine signal is -55 dBc and the phase noise during the tune-off of 10 kHz doesn’t exceed - 108 dBc/Hz.

AKTAKOM AWG-4105, AWG-4110 and AWG-4150 generators have wide modulation capabilities: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PWM.

All models of AKTAKOM AWG-41xx series have a built-in 6-digit frequency meter with automatic and manual range selection (up to 200 MHz) with the ability to measure: frequency, positive/negative pulse duration and duty factor.

AKTAKOM AWG-4105, AWG-4110 and AWG-4150 generators may synchronize with other devices due to the presence of synchronization inputs.

Another feature is 3.5” TFT-LCD which supports the waveform display that makes the generators controlling more simple.

Check the pages of AKTAKOM AWG-4105, AWG-4110 and AWG-4150 generators for more details.

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