There are new Precision Tweezers at Tronex!


Tronex introduces 3 new types of precision and high quality tweezers: Ceramic Tips Tweezers, Mini Tweezers, Swiss SA Tweezers.

Ceramic Tips Tweezers

Tronex ceramic tips tweezers are very specialized tweezers. Ideal for soldering, ceramic tips are able to tolerate extremely high heat levels.  Tronex ceramic tips tweezers are made from quality SA material are are manufactured in Switzerland. Available in styles: 00, 1, 2A

Mini Tweezers

Mini tweezers are perfect for working in tight areas or under a microscope. Tronex mini tweezers are made in Switzerland to exacting standards. Available in styles: 2A, 3C, 5 & 7. 

Swiss SA Tweezers

Introducing the latest addition to Tronex SA tweezers - high precision Swiss tweezer line. Currently available in styles:  SS, 00, 00D, 5.

For more details please call +1-786-332 4773.

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